Chapter 1 Training in the Grasslands
Chapter 2 Primal Contact
Chapter 3 Knowledge of Battle
Chapter 4 In Pursuit of Honor
Chapter 5 Wave Maker
Chapter 6 Clearing the Crypts
Chapter 7 The Seeds of Growth
Chapter 8 An Encounter with Fate
Chapter 9 Rumors of Treasure
Chapter 10 Shimmering Lands
Chapter 11 Sea Breeze Skirmish
Chapter 12 Exorcising Demons
Chapter 13 An Arctic Nightmare
Chapter 14 The Rumbles of War
Chapter 15 The Encroaching Winter
Chapter 16 The Verdant Citadel
Chapter 17

The Search for Power

Chapter 18

Wavering Evil

Chapter 19 The Caverns of Battle
Chapter 20 The Sleeping Village
Chapter 21 Mountain Trial
Chapter 22 At Ocean's End
Chapter 23 The Distant Horizon
Chapter 24 Waves of Fury
Chapter 25 The Parched Earth
Chapter 26 The Forest of Doubt
Chapter 27 At the Summit
Chapter 28 The Path of Thorns
Chapter 29 Portents of Darkness
Chapter 30

A Cruel Lullaby

Chapter 31

The Grave Titan

Chapter 32

Sleight of Wit

Chapter 33

Sea of Solitude

Chapter 34

Wings of Vengeance

Chapter 35

The Land of Sand

Chapter 36

The Plains of Battle

Chapter 37

An Uneasy Place

Chapter 38

Caves of Illusion

Chapter 39

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