The skills listed below show the maxed level of the ability and the ability's effect:

Proof of Training (Level 100) Increases total Training Pts by 100 points
Master of Land (Level 10) Increases a unit's Land Attack by 10% during combat
Ruler of Air (Level 10) Increases a unit's Air Attack by 10% during combat
Parter of Sea (Level 10) Increases a unit's Sea Attack by 10% during combat
Bringer of Victory (Level 10) Increases the strength of a unit's attacks by 10% during combat
Speed Demon  (Level 10) Increases attack range of Leader unit by 20% during combat
Border Warrior  (Level 10)

Increases attack range of Leader unit by 20% during combat

Battle Seasoned (Level 1) Increases skill level of Leader unit by 1
Snake Eater  (Level 10) Increases poision effetiveness by 10%
Titan Fist  (Level 10) Increases knockback distance by 30%
Weaver if Webs  (Level 10) Increases slow effectivness by 20%
Firebreather  (Level 10) Increases effectiveness of area attacks by 10%
Seal of Archangels  (Level 10) Increases the effectiveness of attack boosting effects by 10%

The Fruits of Friendship  (Level 5)

Increases maximum number of Allies by 10
Troop Formation  (Level 5) Increases unit list capacity by 25
Shrewed Dealer  (Level 10) Increases revenue received from sold units by 10%

Tranining Efficiency  (Level 10)

Unit enchance costs reduced by 10%
Blessing of the Valkyrie  (Level 10) Increases unit EXP gain during enhancing by 10%
Overflowing Courage  (Level 5) Gain 5 extra Brave when assisting an ally
Enduring Hope  (Level 5) Gain an extra 5 Ally points whenever you receive Ally points
Hunter of Darkness  (Level 5) Damage inflicted to boss monsters is increased by 25% during Training
Bestial Roar  (Level 100) Inreases HP of your monster units by 20%

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