Chapter 1 A New Future
Chapter 2 Sky, Light, and Wings
Chapter 3 Invaders from the Depths
Chapter 4 A Branch in the Path
Chapter 5 The Dark
Chapter 6 A Maze of Dread
Chapter 7 A Path of Quicksand
Chapter 8 Sand and Storms
Chapter 9 Battle on the Shore
Chapter 10 Where Evil Sleeps
Chapter 11 A City Rules by Dreams
Chapter 12 In the Footsteps of Giants
Chapter 13 Visions of Sand and Fire
Chapter 14 Hiding Among the Dead
Chapter 15 Ward of the Dragon Lord
Chapter 16 Shadow Head
Chapter 17 The Arctic Beast
Chapter 18 Raining Magic
Chapter 19 Frost on the Plains
Chapter 20 The Hand of Darkness
Chapter 21 Between Earth and Sky
Chapter 22 Crying Fowl
Chapter 23 When Stones Laugh
Chapter 24 Battle at the Gates
Chapter 25 The Cry of the Bitter
Chapter 26 The Colossus of Flame
Chapter 27 The Shore of Rage
Chapter 28 Cave of the Salamander
Chapter 29 The Fall
Chapter 30 The Wood of the Weird
Chapter 31 Raid!
Chapter 32 Scuttling Magic
Chapter 33 The Glory of Darkness
Chapter 34 The Route of Mists
Chapter 35 Ocean of Serpents

Leveling by Questing

Quests give flat experience based on the number of monsters slain during the quest. If you only clear the quest with a 50% rating, you will get only 50% of the XP from that quest. Every ally summoned on a quest additively increases experience gained during that quest by 10%. This is only limited by the number of allies you are allowed to summon on a given quest. Summoned allies do not affect gold earned.

Most quests also give BT pts during Events that use BT pts. These gains are approximately equivalent to the number of monsters slain during the quest times 10. Monsters that escape alive during the quest give no BT or XP.

Most players will repeat certain quests in order to grind for XP, Luna, and BT. These are:

Quest Normal XP Ally Bonus XP Luna BT
2-7 220 308 900 N/A
10-5 223 312 1050 450
21-5 489 1600 676
22-5 468 1650 440
24-6 ?? 585 1800 ??
25-3 ?? 444 1700 907
Quest 2-7 is ineligible for gaining BT pts because every quest with a cooldown less than 5 minutes gives 0 BT. Only quests in Chapter 5 and above give BT.

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