This Manual of Style is here to help keep articles in Fantasica Wiki clean and uniform in formatting. For information on the most basic writing techniques and styles used in this wiki, see Wikipedia's Manual of Style. If you are new to wikis, you may want to read the tutorial. You may go to our sandbox if you would like to practice editing or formatting without changing any serious content.

Naming Conventions


When creating pages, please be mindful of spacing and punctuation. These should match the naming styles used in the game.

For the pages of Units, please use the following format for the sake of consistency:

  • [[Unit name and title]]

Images and Files

Images and files should be named in a way that is relevant to the content. You can rename your images before you upload them.  Files and images with names including screenshot, photo, img, or a date string may be removed or renamed by the administrators.

For the images of Units, please use the following format for the sake of consistency:

  • [[Unit name.file formate]]
  • eg: [[Oriando.jpg]]

For monsters which are able to be reincarnated, please use the following format for the sake of consistency:

  • [[Unit name-m]]
  • eg: [[Erhard-m.jpg]]

Template Usage

The following templates are available to make creating a new page easy. This ensures that all new pages follow the same style and will allow for an easy transition should the style ever change.


  • {{InfoBox UnitMagic}}


  • {{InfoBox Monster}}


  • {{CharacterNavbox}}

If you have issues with the templates, usage, or style suggestions don't hesitate to contact an administrator. Be sure to visit the sandbox to play with any code you'd like to test out!

Edit Summary

Please use the edit summary box on the top right of the edit page. Leave at least some note about the changes you made.

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