In the course of playing this game, many questions have arisen on how to do various things. I hope to outline my own experience and knowledge, as I haven't found another suitable source.

Getting a good start

Will update this soon...

PvP Strategy


A primary team of 5 units will make up the offense party. The make-up of this team will vary wildly due to available card selection and personal play style. A good rule is to use the best units available. Combinations of units and allies can be used, and special abilities are very valuable. Pay special attention to high level units and those with high level Slow and Knockback skills.


When attacked, all available monster cards owned will automatically attack. The player is not in control of the order or timing of the attacks, so many early players will tend to lose these battles. If greater defensive power is wanted, try questing for items, enhancing your current monsters, or trading for higher level monsters. As always, caution is needed when dealing with trades in order to avoid scamming. 

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