Demon's Tower   Demon's Tower 2

Demon's Tower 3   Demon's Tower 4

Rank Rewards

Demon's Tower reward

1st-10th: Gloria the Royal Princess, Faith, Erhard, 3 Time Elixir
11th-50th: Faith, Erhard, 3 Time Elixir
51st-200th: Erhard, 3 Time Elixir
201st-300th: 3 Time Elixir
301st-500th: 1 Time Elixir
Entry Reward: 1 Premium Ticket

Floor Rewards

1st Lap: 10th Floor: 200 Brave Points
1st Lap: 20th Floor: 5000 Luna
1st Lap: 30th Floor: 400 Brave Points
1st Lap: 40th Floor: 1 Premium Ticket
1st Lap: 50th Floor: Gloria the Royal Body Double

Reward Cards

Gloria 4

Gloria the Royal Body Double

Agnes-m   Blad-m   Charl-m   Dorothy-m

Agnes                                Blad                                  Charl                                 Dorothy



Faith-m   Gloria

Faith                                 Gloria the Royal Princess

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